5 Fonts for Halloween Designs

As I was growing up and into my adult years, Halloween was not a day that I was ever overly thrilled about. I hated dressing up! I loved looking at everyone else who dressed up though, so for many years on October 31, I retreated into my house (which boasted absolutely no decorations for the day), passed out candy, and admired everyone else’s costumes. This continued until I became a mom.

Now I find myself planning out our costumes 4-6 months in advance. I even proudly parade around our neighborhood in my costume. I have this newfound joy for Halloween crafting. Since my son is only three, it really wasn’t until the last couple of years that I have truly embraced the “holiday,” so perhaps I get a little too excited when I see the perfect font for use in Halloween design. Here are my five favorite Halloween fonts that you can use in both the Silhouette and Cricut software.

Brain Melt Typeface

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This is seriously my newest favorite font for Halloween designs! The slime droplets really give this typeface something special. It can be used in both fun and dark and mystical designs, and the neat thing about it is you have a few different options at your disposal. You can go for either an outline or a solid look, or you can achieve the layered slime look using multiple colors. If you need a little extra help with the manipulations required for layering with vinyl, check out the Using Layered Fonts post for a little extra guidance.




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Inspired by horror movie classics, the Dreadful font is unique in that it comes with 4 different layering options. Simply type out your text, duplicate the layer and change the text type (options are regular, rot, rust, and shadow), and then lay then layer the two together to create your masterpiece. So many options for some really nifty effects!




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I think I have fallen for just about every font created by Laura Worthington, and this one is no exception. The letterforms of Grindel Grove give off an eerie and spooky vibe, and the texture adds a new dimension. The font would be ideal for designs that will be cut in a larger scale as there are some small details and holes created by the texture of the font. Alternatively, you could opt to point edit out some of those small pieces so the font would be easier to work with.

Grindel Grove 1 & 2 HERE



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What’s not to love about the Thriller font?! It reminds me of the old school scary movies I watched as a teenager. If you are in need of a typeface for any kind of horror design, this one should be your go to font. Perfect for all things horror!

thriller-font-onethriller-font-1 ——


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Ozzombie is another slime droplet font. I just can’t get enough of this style! This one has straight lines and corners rather than rounded ones, like Brain Melt does. So it just depends on the look you’re going for. The font has both outline and block letter options, and it can be layered in the same way Brain Melt can. Check out the Using Layered Fonts post for more information on creating the layered look.



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