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If you have ever felt lost when it comes to knowing how to use fonts in your crafting designs, you’re not alone! Pairing two or more fonts can be a daunting task and choosing the right ones that work well together can seem impossible. You need the fonts to complement one another but not be overly similar. Easier said than done, right?! When I pair fonts together in my own designs, I sometimes try 40+ different combinations before I find the one that is just right. I also like to pair fonts made by the same designer, as often there are similar qualities and structures among each typeface a designer creates. The last technique I utilize when combining fonts duos and families.

Font duos and families are unique in that much of the time, the pairing work is done for you. This of course saves time when designing, so I love to utilize this technique wherever possible. In a nutshell, font families are groups of related fonts (duos are pairs of complementary fonts). These typefaces cover different weights and widths, making pairing them together a breeze. Take for example one of my all-time favorite font families, Smileheart. There are two typefaces in the Smileheart family: a script and a serif font. These two fonts were truly made to pair together, and I often use them to complement one another in my design work. No need to spend hours searching for the perfect pair! When you download them, the script font is called Smileheart and the serif font is called Smileheart Two, so they are right next to one another in your font list. This is also true for many other font duos and families. Below you can see a design I whipped up quickly for this tutorial. I spent less than a quarter of my usual design time on it, and all because I used a font duo to complete the design!


I bet all you want to do now is to check your system fonts for other families and duos, right? If you are a font hoarder like myself, you probably own dozens and not even realize it. Take for example the November Bundle, available at our sister site, The Hungry JPEG. There are a total of 9 font duos in this bundle deal. One of my favorites from the bundle is the Andara font duo. With the pair of fonts (Andara Script and Andara Sans), I created this swirly “Baby it’s cold outside” winter design. No extra time was needed searching for the perfect font to pair together, so I could spend more time editing some of the swirly endings so they worked with the design. I’ll get this design added to the freebies section, so grab it while you can!


In addition to duos, you may find that you already own many Font Families as well, especially if you like to purchase bundles of fonts! One such family of fonts is the Beautiful Friday family. In it are 12 typefaces, as well as one font that consists entirely of swashes. These typefaces are versatile and perfect to complement one another in your design work.


Duos and families can make crafting a cinch, so take advantage of the font designer’s hard work! To give you some inspiration, I put together a list of 15 of my favorite script & sans serif/serif duos. Some of the duos are also part of font families. Links can be found here: Betterfly, Magenta, Ghisella, Mightyheart, Breital, Ocean Twelve, Remember, Hysteria, Dragonflight, Merina, Secret Words, Hefalo, Shellahera, Le Gourmet.




















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