Gorgeous Floral Wreaths for Only $1

Floral wreaths can be used for anything, from logos, to borders for wedding invitations and so much more. Being so versatile, we have many gorgeous floral wreaths available for only $1 on our site. We have compiled a list of these Floral Wreaths below;

10 Gorgeous Floral Wreaths At Only $1

  1. This orange six-petal flower wreath

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    This wreath with orange flowers just screams summer.  Perhaps printing it onto a tote bag for going to the beach?

  2.  Completely pink wreath


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    This wreath with huge flowers all in pink.  Perfect for scrapbooking if you prefer.

  3. This cartoon-like wreath 


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    This wreath is full of playful colours, and seems more childlike compared to the others.

  4. Wreath with refreshingly pink flowers


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    This wreath adorned with cute little pink flowers is the perfect thing for the crossover into the summer season.

  5. Purple tulips wreath


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    This sweet and lovely wreath with purple tulips will brighten up any creative project.

  6. Orange buds wreath 


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    An alternative to the wreath found at the top of this list, with orange coloured  bud-like flowers. Would look gorgeous for the logo on homemade jam jars.

  7. Tiny flowers wreath 


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    Or perhaps this wreath for a more colourful touch to your creative projects?

  8. Giant flowers wreath 


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    This flower wreath has bigger flowers compared to the rest, but is equally gorgeous.

  9. Elegant pink flowers wreath 


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    This wreath is sooooo pretty! The arrangement of the flowers give off a classy elegance to it, perfect for invitations!

  10. Dainty pink wreath 


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    Last but not least, we had to include this minimal, dainty wreath. It’s simple, but very nicely designed. Great for people who love minimalistic designs.

There are still many gorgeous wreaths in our site, and you can check them as well as other $1 craft file deals by clicking;


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