10 FREE Graphics Perfect for Cushions

We all have couches at home, and we tend to hoard cushions on them. This is probably because we tend to grow tired of looking at the same cushions, with the same designs and are tempted to buy new ones. Which is why we end up with so many of them.

Here’s how you can renew your cushion without having to buy a new one!

All you need is;

  • 1 blank cushion cover (in any colour)
  • a graphic file of your liking

You can then proceed to transform your cushion with a brand new cushion cover of your own design. There are tons of files to choose from on our website, but we’ve decided to compile a list of 10 free graphics to begin with.


10 FREE Graphics Perfect for Cushions

1. Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire on Pillow

aspire to inspire
Click here to see the image.

This minimalist design will go well with any colour. Aspiration to inspire is very important, and this will increase your drive to achieve.


2. Live and Love

Click here to see the image.

Live and love, the best combination. A great optimistic quote for the homely couch.


3. Chase Your Dreams

Click here to see the image.

A cushion with this would be a perfect gift for dream-chasers. This could serve as a little reminder of going forth and succeeding !


4. Let the Good Times Roll

Click here to see the image.

Perfect for a night-in with your friends. A glass of wine, snacks and this snazzy little quote.


5. My Unicorn Made Me Do It

Click here to see the image.

Having this on the cushion would just make it so much more fun ! (For your little girl, that’s for sure) Tell her about her pet unicorn she didn’t know she had. She’ll be thrilled!


6. Plant Smiles, Grow Laughter, Harvest Love

Click here to see the image.

Happiness and love, the perfect concoction to life. This simple print would look great on an all white or beige couch!


7. Little Florals

Click here to see the image.

This set of graphics comes in a pack of 6! As seen in the example above, you can arrange the flowers as you like as they come in individual files.


8. Feathers

Click here to see the image.

This set of feather graphics also come in a set of 6! These pretty feathers give off a very bohemian feel, and you can place them as you like.


9. Make Things Happen

Click here to see the image.

Here’s another gorgeous quote, serving as a reminder to ‘Make Things Happen’. It may not be colourful, but it definitely gives off a elegant vibe.


10. If Not Now, When?

Click here to see the image.

A striking colour for a striking quote. The question is when ? Do it now, don’t make an excuse for another time. The modern styled font gives of an edgy vibe. This would look especially good on a red couch.


These free graphic files are all accessible under the Freebies tab on our website, so make sure to check it out !

You can also hunt for good deals in the $1 only tab, where we have a wide range of graphics to choose from.

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