Using The May Craft Bundle to Enhance Your Images

Every month we at Craftbundles launch a new bundle, which is filled with lots of amazing goodies at a greatly discounted rate. For our May bundle, we released The May Craft Bundle with lots of SVG cut files in it.  Perfect for all the crafting, eh?


What if we said that there was more to the bundle itself, and that you could use it for other purposes like to enhance your images? After all this bundle is filled with other crafting files like fonts and graphics.

Here are some images we enhanced, using The May Craft Bundle;


1. This Skyscraper View 

Edits for image using font

Click to view original image

This was created using the Altoys font in the bundle. The only other things needed were an image, and a white rectangle with an adjusted opacity. This lead to this simple yet eye-catching enhanced image.


2. This Breakfast With A Quote 

mellony script

Click to view original image
Click to view original image

This flat lay photo seemed to be lacking something at first, but after typing out a quote with the Mellony font from the bundle it seemed to fill in the empty space on the image. The specific Mellony font used in this photo is the ‘dry brush’ version, but the bundle also includes a ‘smooth, normal’ version.


3. This Instagram Image With A Quote

THorny font

Click to view original image
Click to view original image

This square image of a desert-like road with a blue streak is interesting, but is also a perfect background for inspiring quotes like this one. The font Thorny from the bundle was used for the inspiring quote on the image.  The only other thing that was added was the black rectangle with a lower opacity level, and the contrast of the image was slightly increased. This resulted in a perfect image for inspiring others on Instagram.


4. This Homemade Marmalade 

JAM WREATH pink lilies watercolour

Click to view original image
Click to view original image


This image of mum’s homemade marmalade was a bit too boring on it’s own, and so using the frame available from the Pink Lilies Watercolor graphic in the bundle, we created this framed image of mum’s homemade marmalade. With the frame, it brings out the marmalade more, making it look attractive.


5. This Bouquet of Baby Breaths 

gingerbread and cookies font

Click to view original image
Click to view original image

As dainty as these Baby’s Breath flowers in the bouquet, the font Gingerbread Cookie in the bundle fit perfectly with the image. The special thing about this font is that it comes as two, Gingerbread and Cookie, whilst Gingerbread is the upright font, the latter is the more cursive, lazy one. These fonts are perfect to be used over images as they don’t overpower it. For the image, its opacity was toned down a notch and a translucent rectangle was placed over it to support the font.



There are still lots of fonts, graphics and a huge variety of cut files that you can explore in The May Craft Bundle.

Feel free to experiment and share it with us ! We’d love to see what you get up to with the bundles.

The May Craft Bundle will be expiring in about a week, so make sure you grab it whilst you can;


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