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Hey everyone! I absolutely love collecting fun cups, and customizing your own is a way to keep the cost down but still have cute items in your cupboards! Here’s how you can customize your own mug using a fun design from Craft Bundles and adhesive vinyl. So let’s get started!

Supplies needed:
  • Cactus Design from The Dazzling Craft Bundle
  • Adhesive Vinyl (permanent glossy)
  • A Blank Mug
  • Cutting Machine (I used a Silhouette Cameo)
  • Weeding Tool
  • Transfer Tape


STEP ONE: Create your design

Open up your software and import the SVG cactus design. What’s great is these designs come ready to cut! Yay :)! Click the corner of the design and size it accordingly so that it will fit on your mug.

Next, go to your cut settings panel and select vinyl, glossy. Place your vinyl onto your cutting mat, right side up. Change your blade depth accordingly and let your machine get to work!

Pro tip: When putting vinyl onto a material that you want to stay for a long time (like a mug, or car decal, etc.) you want to always use permanent glossy vinyl. It has a stronger adhesive and can withstand a lot more wear than your typical vinyl.


STEP TWO: Weed design

Now you want to peel off the vinyl that you won’t be using. Grab a corner and gently peel it. Check out those awesome cut lines!

Take a pair of craft tweezers or a weeding tool and take out the little insides of the letters, leaving just the design.

Now our design is all weeded and ready to apply!


STEP THREE: Apply design onto mug

Take a piece of transfer tape and stick it over your vinyl design. Use a scraper tool to smooth out any wrinkles.

Pro tip: When working with curved surfaces like this mug, I love using grid line transfer tape. We only have one shot at placing the vinyl onto the mug, so grid lines helps me center it as I apply the design.

Next, peel off the backing paper of the vinyl. This will expose the adhesive side of your vinyl.

Now carefully place your design onto your mug. Since we are using permanent vinyl, we only have one shot at placement! Start in the middle of your design and gently rub it outwards.

Pro tip: When applying vinyl to a curved surface, cut slits into your transfer tape before placing the design onto your mug. That way, you can move parts of the design a bit to prevent bubbles and wrinkles.

Now peel off the transfer tape and you have a fun customized mug!


Tips on how to care for your mug:


  • Since vinyl is a thin plastic, avoid the microwave. It will cause the vinyl to melt!
  • Many people have had success with their mugs in the dishwasher on the top rack. If you do, turn the water temperature down. But to be safe, stick with hand washing it.
  • If you use permanent glossy vinyl, and take care of your mug, it should hold up for a long time!

Now what cups and mugs are you going to customize using the fun Dazzling Craft Bundle??


A guest post by Audrey C, of Project Silhouette

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