Motivational Quotes and Phrases For Your Wall

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Everyone goes through tough times, and moments of uncertainty, where negativity clouds our train of thoughts. At times like these, motivational quotes and phrases are the quickest effective way to lift your spirits. We have lots of these on our site, and we’ve put some together, just for you.

10 Motivational Quotes and Phrases | Cut Files

We also made a few changes here and there in the design of the cut file, which you can too!

1. Start Somewhere

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Start Somewhere‘ today. This little quote is perfect for telling yourself that you should always make the first move no matter how small it is. In our version, we made the flag green, just like how green on a traffic light means ‘go’, you should start today!


2. Be Creative

b kreatifuntitled (37)

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Be Creative‘ when trying to come up with something. Sometimes, we forget to think outside the box, which usually leads us coming to a dead end.  In our version of this little phrase, we made the bulb stand out with the yellow, signifying the little ‘ding’ you get when you have an eureka moment.


3. Be You

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Here’s a little reminder to stay true to yourself, and ‘Be YOU‘  whenever facing challenges, as you are your best self. For us, we decided to tweak it a little and point the arrows towards the word ‘you’ to emphasize it a little more.


4. Aim High

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Just because things aren’t going the way we like, does not mean we give up on aiming high. For our version of the cut file, we decided to center the cute rocket between the words, making it look like it’s pushing the word ‘Aim‘ higher.


5. Invest In Yourself

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Sometimes, you need to remember to ‘Invest In Yourself”. Just pushing yourself to achieve more will tire you out, and affect your progress. This would be a sweet little reminder to let yourself know it is okay to spoil yourself sometimes, be it on a course that you are interested in, or just a day off to rest.


6. Do Not Give Up

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Okay, we do fall into the trap of wanting to take the easy way out when things go south. This phrase, is probably the most persistent one of the lot. Definitely a necessity in your workplace.


7. Keep Moving Forward

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This is one phrase that would help you keep your head up, reminding you to stay focused. We decided to add some gold in there because, why not? But then again, the colours you use are up to you :)


8. Stay Positive

S_IDN1461_StayPositiveuntitled (44)

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Don’t let negativity eat into your thoughts and progress. Always try to ‘Stay Positive‘, as with a positive mindset you will find it easier to work better.


9. Prove Them Wrong

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Go ahead and prove everyone who said you couldn’t that you actually can. Rebel against the negativity that you receive from those who pull you down with their words. ‘Prove them wrong‘ is a very inspiring quote and we believe it should be in everybody’s workplace or study room!


10. Take It Easy

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If all else fails, remember to ‘Take It Easy‘. There isn’t a point in getting all worked up over an issue that’s just going to make you feel unhappy. We felt that blue and purple carried a more calming feel, hence using them in our version.


And, that concludes our list of 10 Phrases! Feel free to check out our other posts, like this simple tutorial on making a customized mug. Or maybe this post on graphic cut files for your cushion at home!

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