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Graphic tees are never out of style. Young or old, we all have at least one in our closet, and honestly, it might be one of the most comfiest things we own. However, there are many times where we’ve come across a tee with a graphic that we like, but the fabric, horrible. Then we have tees with great fabric but ugly graphics. And then there are times where we wish we had a certain graphic tee, which we cannot seem to find no matter how much we shop.

The answer to the problem? Make your own! If the quality of the tee is important to you, source out the best quality plain tees that you can find. If the graphic is important to you, find or create your own! For today’s post, we have compiled a list of cut files that would look perfect on a graphic tee.

Must Have Cut Files For The Cutest Graphic Tee

N A M A S T A Y  I N  B E D

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Perfect for those who are ‘married’ to their bed, this cut file is super cute! Gift it to your sleepy head friends as a fun gift. You could also keep it for yourself 😉

How cute is this sleepy cat!
How cute is this sleepy cat!


C A C T U S  I N  A  P O T

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Succulent lovers, cactus lovers and green thumbs will appreciate this little cut file on a tee. Feel free to change up the colours as you please when cutting!

Realistic-Tshirt-Mockup (1)
Cute little cactus on the side of the tee brightens up the shirt


C R E A T I V I T Y  T A K E S  C O U R A G E

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This quote cut file is simple but looks amazing. It is true, that being creative takes a lot of courage, as you are breaking down barriers that have never been conquered before. Creative people are courageous 😉

Realistic-Tshirt-Mockup (2)
Simple design, on a white tee makes a perfect graphic tee


F U N K Y  P I N E A P P L E 

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Summer never ends, as long as you wear it on your tee. Hm, that doesn’t sound right, but pineapples are definitely a reminder of summer. Feel the summer vibe anytime you like with this on your tee.

Multiples of little pineapples won't go wrong right ?
Multiples of little pineapples won’t go wrong right ?


H O T  A I R  B A L L O O N 

hot air balloon
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This cute hot air balloon is great for travel lovers. If you feel like it, add on a little travel quote 😉  You can find other options to this hot air balloon here.

Realistic-Tshirt-Mockup (4)
We can’t seem to get enough of this adorable hot air ballon cut file


C U T E  H O U S E

cute house
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If you’re looking for minimalist styles, this cute house is perfect for your graphic tee. We played around with it in the example below, and it looks pretty cool.

Realistic-Tshirt-Mockup (5)
We’re not sure what Townland is but hey, we were just experimenting around :D

U N A M U S E D  C A T

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Cat lovers, this is the cut file for you. This irritated looking cat is the funniest thing we’ve seen today. Make one for all your cat lover friends too, otherwise they’ll be pestering you for one 😉

Realistic-Tshirt-Mockup (6)

D R E A M  A N D  A N  A R R O W

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Sometimes the simplest graphic tees look the best, and pair with anything easily. Take this cut file and print it on a white tee, and we get a simple yet nice graphic tee, ready for wear.

Realistic-Tshirt-Mockup (7)

S K U L L  A N D  B O N E S

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Streetwear style is currently the biggest trend in the fashion industry for the younger generation. Therefore, this skull cut file will definitely be popular among the youngsters. Our idea? Add on a random word that goes vertically down the middle of the back. That would definitely score well with the younger generation!

Realistic-Tshirt-Mockup (8)

R O U N D  I S  A  S H A P E

round is a shape
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The perfect cut file for whenever someone tells you to workout. Whip this shirt out and wear it when that time comes. 😀 Perfect for putting smiles on other peoples faces too.

Realistic-Tshirt-Mockup (9)

All you need for your own graphic tee is a shirt, your vinyl or whatever material you plan to use, your machine and the cut file of your choice. A simple and easy crafting idea that creates great gifts for yourself, or whoever you are planning to craft for.

Don’t forget to browse our freebie section as well, as you will find quite a number that are suitable to turn into graphics on tees. Share with us your graphic tee creations by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram.


Happy Crafting !

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