10 FREE Graphics Perfect for Cushions

We all have couches at home, and we tend to hoard cushions on them. This is probably because we tend to grow tired of looking at the same cushions, with the same designs and are tempted to buy new ones. Which is why we end up with so many of them.

Here’s how you can renew your cushion without having to buy a new one!

All you need is;

  • 1 blank cushion cover (in any colour)
  • a graphic file of your liking

You can then proceed to transform your cushion with a brand new cushion cover of your own design. There are tons of files to choose from on our website, but we’ve decided to compile a list of 10 free graphics to begin with.


10 FREE Graphics Perfect for Cushions

1. Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire on Pillow

aspire to inspire
Click here to see the image.

This minimalist design will go well with any colour. Aspiration to inspire is very important, and this will increase your drive to achieve.


2. Live and Love

Click here to see the image.

Live and love, the best combination. A great optimistic quote for the homely couch.


3. Chase Your Dreams

Click here to see the image.

A cushion with this would be a perfect gift for dream-chasers. This could serve as a little reminder of going forth and succeeding !


4. Let the Good Times Roll

Click here to see the image.

Perfect for a night-in with your friends. A glass of wine, snacks and this snazzy little quote.


5. My Unicorn Made Me Do It

Click here to see the image.

Having this on the cushion would just make it so much more fun ! (For your little girl, that’s for sure) Tell her about her pet unicorn she didn’t know she had. She’ll be thrilled!


6. Plant Smiles, Grow Laughter, Harvest Love

Click here to see the image.

Happiness and love, the perfect concoction to life. This simple print would look great on an all white or beige couch!


7. Little Florals

Click here to see the image.

This set of graphics comes in a pack of 6! As seen in the example above, you can arrange the flowers as you like as they come in individual files.


8. Feathers

Click here to see the image.

This set of feather graphics also come in a set of 6! These pretty feathers give off a very bohemian feel, and you can place them as you like.


9. Make Things Happen

Click here to see the image.

Here’s another gorgeous quote, serving as a reminder to ‘Make Things Happen’. It may not be colourful, but it definitely gives off a elegant vibe.


10. If Not Now, When?

Click here to see the image.

A striking colour for a striking quote. The question is when ? Do it now, don’t make an excuse for another time. The modern styled font gives of an edgy vibe. This would look especially good on a red couch.


These free graphic files are all accessible under the Freebies tab on our website, so make sure to check it out !

You can also hunt for good deals in the $1 only tab, where we have a wide range of graphics to choose from.

Gorgeous Floral Wreaths for Only $1

Floral wreaths can be used for anything, from logos, to borders for wedding invitations and so much more. Being so versatile, we have many gorgeous floral wreaths available for only $1 on our site. We have compiled a list of these Floral Wreaths below;

10 Gorgeous Floral Wreaths At Only $1

  1. This orange six-petal flower wreath

    Click here for product

    This wreath with orange flowers just screams summer.  Perhaps printing it onto a tote bag for going to the beach?

  2.  Completely pink wreath


    Click here for product

    This wreath with huge flowers all in pink.  Perfect for scrapbooking if you prefer.

  3. This cartoon-like wreath 


    Click here for product

    This wreath is full of playful colours, and seems more childlike compared to the others.

  4. Wreath with refreshingly pink flowers


    Click here for product

    This wreath adorned with cute little pink flowers is the perfect thing for the crossover into the summer season.

  5. Purple tulips wreath


    Click here for product

    This sweet and lovely wreath with purple tulips will brighten up any creative project.

  6. Orange buds wreath 


    Click here for product

    An alternative to the wreath found at the top of this list, with orange coloured  bud-like flowers. Would look gorgeous for the logo on homemade jam jars.

  7. Tiny flowers wreath 


    Click here for product

    Or perhaps this wreath for a more colourful touch to your creative projects?

  8. Giant flowers wreath 


    Click here for product

    This flower wreath has bigger flowers compared to the rest, but is equally gorgeous.

  9. Elegant pink flowers wreath 


    Click here for product

    This wreath is sooooo pretty! The arrangement of the flowers give off a classy elegance to it, perfect for invitations!

  10. Dainty pink wreath 


    Click here for product

    Last but not least, we had to include this minimal, dainty wreath. It’s simple, but very nicely designed. Great for people who love minimalistic designs.

There are still many gorgeous wreaths in our site, and you can check them as well as other $1 craft file deals by clicking;


How To Install fonts and use it on Cricut Design App for IOS

Light House

So you purchased that awesome bundle you’ve always wanted but, there’s one problem. You don’t know how to install fonts on your IOS devices. Don’t worry, in this tutorial, we will walk you through:

  • How to download the bundle to your iPad
  • Installing the fonts on Your iPad and using it on the Cricut Design Space™ for IOS
  1. Install “Font Manager” from the AppStore.

This app will be used to install fonts on your site.

  1. Get “iZip” from the AppStore

This app will be used to unzip your downloaded file.


  1. Find and download your bundle

To find your download, head over to your account on Craftbundles and locate your purchase history. Locate the zip file that you want to download, and click download. Depending on the size of the file, it will take some time for the download to complete. Once the file has finished downloading, a screen should appear that shows the name of the file as a zip file. Select “open in” and a screen will pop up giving you options. Select open in “iZip”.



  1. Locate the .zip file and open it with Font Manager

Locate the file and Click Preview Content. Locate the fonts file and look for the Otf/ttf version of the fonts. Once you have found the font, Click “open with” and select Font Manager.


  1. Install the fonts

Now that you are in the Font Manager App, you will see the downloaded font in the list. For this tutorial, we will be using the Gentle Giant fonts from the March Craft Bundle. Click on the font and a pop up will appear. Click on the icon to begin installing the font.


  1. Complete the Installation

A series of pop-ups will appear. Select install, then next, then install and install again.

7 8

  1. Open the Cricut Design App

Open the Cricut Design Space app and add text. Click on system fonts and the font you downloaded should be available to use. Enjoy!


There you go, you are now able to install the font and use it on your iPad. Enjoy! If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us an email to info@craftbundles.com

How to Download and Use files on your IOS device

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 4.41.37 PM


So you purchased that awesome bundle you’ve always wanted but, there’s one problem. You don’t know how to use it on your IOS mobile.

No worries, we’ll walk you through it. In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • How to download the bundle to your phone
  • Getting it into the Cricut Design Space™ mobile app

1. Download the Cricut Design App

Go to App Store and Install the Cricut Design App: https://tinyurl.com/yaxf2arn

2. Download the .zip file

Head over to Craftbundles.com and log in. Once logged in, click Purchases (the cloud icon on the top right corner) and download the files that you have purchased.


3. Download the file

Locate the file that you want to install and click download. Your browser will open a new window and the download will start. You will see that the loading bar will stay pending until the download is complete.


Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to open the file. Click “Open in Files”:


3. Save it to your phone

Click open in “Files” and choose where do you want to place the file. You will see few options such as your Google Drive, iCloud Drive, On my iPhone and Dropbox.  Choose any and after that click on the file. You will see the option to preview content. Click on that.


Swipe right until you see the image of the product that you want to use. You will have to browse (swipe right and left) through a lot of files if you downloaded the bundle. Once you have, Click the export icon at the bottom left of the screen and click ‘Save Image’. Your image will be saved in your photos app:


4. Open your Cricut Design and Click “New Project”

Be sure to set-up your Cricut machine and follow all the instruction in the app during the setup. Click Upload and choose the file that you saved earlier to the photos.




5. Modify and cut it away!

In the app, you can choose to erase a certain part of the image, add text, text, image, layers and many others. Once you are satisfied, you can cut it away by clicking the “Make it” button at the bottom right of the app!

How To Install and Use Fonts on Cricut Design Space


So you downloaded that awesome bundle you’ve always wanted but, you’re wondering how to install the fonts on your Cricut Design Space.

No worries, we’ll walk you through it. We created this cute phone case using the font Robot Love included in our February Craft Bundle.


1. Once you have downloaded the bundle and unzipped the files, your files will look like this:

How to use fonts on Cricut

2. Click on the “Fonts” folder to access all the fonts included in the bundle, and you’ll see this:

How to use fonts on Cricut

3. The “Quick Install” folder includes all the “OTF” files ready to be installed.

How to use fonts on Cricut

In the “All Fonts” folder, you’ll find all the fonts in their OTF and TTF formats together with the extras (only when the font include extra files).

How to use fonts on Cricut

4. Click on the font you want to install, your file will open and display something like this. Don’t be intimidated, this is normal. All you have to do now is click the “Install” button on top and that’s it :)

How to use fonts on Cricut

5. Once the font is installed on your computer, you can go ahead and open Cricut Design Space and create a New Project.

How to use fonts on Cricut

6. Once your canvas is opened, select the ‘Text’ option on your dashboard as shown below.

How to use fonts on Cricut

7. A text box will appear and next, you can look for the font you want to use. Just click on the drop-down button and select the font of your choice.

How to use fonts on Cricut

8. Once clicked, you’ll see a menu of all the fonts installed on your computer. Scroll through to find the font you want to use, or just type the name of the font in the search bar.
How to use fonts on Cricut

9. Select the font you want to use, and then type the phrase or quote you that you are using for your project. We’re going ahead with “Beep! Beep!”

How to use fonts on Cricut

10. This font also includes some really cute dingbats that we want to use for the phone case. Not sure how to find or use them? Go to the “1. Documentation” folder on your bundle, and you’ll find “The Ornaments/Dingbats Guide”.

How to use fonts on Cricut

11. The guide will help you figure out which letters you have to use to get a nice doodle or adorn. Here, we’re using the robots in love, so we hit the letter “t”.

How to use fonts on Cricut

How to use fonts on Cricut

12. We’re done! That’s all we want in our design. Now, we assigned a different color to the text depending on the color of the vinyl we want to use. Cricut will then separate the elements automatically when the design is sent to cut. We’re using pink for the text and a glittery vinyl for the robots.

How to use fonts on Cricut

13. That’s it! Now, all there’s left to do is send it to cut. :)

See? It’s so easy to create your own designs using a font. Check out the final outcome of our phone case in the video below. We sure had fun creating it!