The Complete Back To School Bundle | A Quick Look

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It’s already the last month of Summer, and all the fun in the sun will have to cease. Preparations for back to school are underway, and if you are a mother with children, or a teacher preparing for the new semester, we have tons of craft files that are perfect for the ‘back-to-school’ season. If you didn’t already know, we recently launched The Complete Back To School Bundle just in time for your crafts for the new semester.

Back To School Bundle
In this bundle, you will find a handful of premium fonts as well as 68 packs of graphic elements and cut files for crafting. This bundle is only $16, a huge discount from the normal price of $268. However, if you would like to specifically purchase only the particular product, we will include a link on the product image itself (if available) that will direct you straight to that product page.

*Do note that all products in this post are included in the Complete Back To School bundle*

A Quick Look Inside The Complete Back To School Bundle

Let’s start off with the fonts included in the pack. As we do not have fonts on Craftbundles, we handpicked some gorgeous fonts from our sister site, TheHungryJPEG.

R A I L E Y  S C R I P T  by  TypeFairy

railey script 1 railey script 2

A bright and cheerful handwritten script, this font is perfect for tagging bags, books, pencil cases and anything else that needs to be tagged as someones possession.


K A S A N D R A  by  Great Studio

kasandra 1 kasandra 2

Kasandra is a pretty modern calligraphy typeface that has a varying baseline, and comes with as many as 460 glyphs and 244 alternate characters. It is good for Thank You cards to the teachers, and even labels on the new student lockers.


C A T C H  F E E L S  by Paperly Studio

catch feels 1 catch feels 2

Catch feels is a fun font, that is filled to the brim with personality! Reminds us of writing on a chalkboard, this font would brighten up a dull Monday morning in school.


W H A L E Y  F U N  by KA Designs

Whaley fun 1 Whaley fun 2

Just like the name states, Whaley Fun is another fun font by amazing font designer KA Designs. Great for personalizing notebooks for school.


C H I K P I K  by  Larin Type Co.

chikpik1 chikpik2

Chik Pik is a cute handwritten font, sort of like the squiggles on a little pigs tail. Great for quotes on the walls of school classrooms.


L E M O N  P I E  &  F U N  F O N T  by  Graphic House Design

font duo lemon pie font duo lemon pie 2

A fun font pack by Graphic House Design, it includes two completely different fonts, as well as a set of 55 hand drawn doodles.


C U R S I V E  K I D S  F O N T  S E T  by  Studio Debelle 

cursive kids cursive kids 1

Simple handwritten cursive and dotted fonts, fun for worksheets, name tags, to-do lists, and even notes.


B R E A K S  T Y P E F A C E  by  Bruke.std

the breaks the breaks 2

Solid font for titles, banners, Cheer club logos, event banners and so much more.


M A E L Y  T Y P E F A C E  by  TypeFairy

maely  maely 1

Simple cute font which can be used for any crafty work that you are planning to work on for Back To School crafts. It even contains extended Latin characters.


S U S H A N N A H  &  A W S T E N  by  OnTheSpotStudio

sushanna and awsten sushanna and awsten 1

Another font duo in this bundle, Sushannah and Awsten is a pair of script fonts. Awsten is a thinner font, whilst Sushannah is a much bolder font.


S O P H I A  by  LarinTypeCo. 

sophia sophia 1

An elegant handmade calligraphy font, this beautiful font is easy to read and comprehend. Use this font for motivational quotes around the classroom or cut out names using a crafting machine for a personalized journal.


S P A R K L I N G  A T T A CK  by  Paperly Studio

sparkling attacksparkling attack 1

Playful yet adorable, Sparkling Attack is a font inspired by the 80’s and fantasy games. This font will be great for school banners and notice board notices. It would also look cute on personalized water bottles, pencil cases, notebooks and more.


U N S T O P P A B L E  by  Hewitt Avenue

unstoppable unstoppable 1

 The last font in this Back to School bundle, Unstoppable is a font full of character. It also comes with an extra doodle font, which comes in both EPS and PNG file formats. An idea of using this font would be to bring character to personalized items.

Of course, as a bundle from Craftbundles, The Complete Back to School Bundle has tons of craft files inside for Back-To-School crafts. As there are way too many to list down here, we’ve handpicked a few that we felt were must-haves from this pack.

F I R S T  D A Y  O F  S C H O O L  B O A R D  P A C K

1st day of school board pack
Perfect for the first day introductions, easy and simple.


B A C K  T O  S C H O O L  M O N O G R A M  F R A M E S

Back to School Monogram Frames
These are great to label classroom supplies for each student, so that there are no issues about whose is whose.


C L A S S R O O M  R U L E S

Classroom Rules
A great classroom rules cut file for homeroom teachers to place in their classrooms.


S C I E N C E  C L A S S  B U N D L E

Science Class Bundle
A fun pack for Science Lovers, Chemistry or Science teachers.


C O O L E S T  P R E S C H O O L E R

coolest preschooler
Isn’t this just the cutest cut file for your little preschooler? Start their love for cut files young ;)


C U T I E  P I E

cutie pie
This punny cut file is all that is needed to brighten up ones day.


H E R E  F O R  T H E  R E C E S S

Here for the recess
Well, let’s be honest. The best part of school is definitely recess time!


R E C E S S  K I N G

recess king
This cut file is for the King of Recess time, what a cute title to proclaim one with.


B O O K S  B E F O R E  B O Y S

Books Before Boys
For those with little girls, keep them in check with this fun cut file.


K I C K I N G  I N T O  K I N D E R G A R T E N


kicking into kindergarten
Will your little boy or girl be starting kindergarten soon ? Then this the perfect cut file to kickstart the first day

There are more of these cut files in the Complete Back To School Bundle which you should definitely check out. For only $16, getting this bundle is very worthwhile, especially if you are planning to create lots of Back To School crafts. However, if you would prefer to just grab some fonts for crafting, then you might want to check out The Ultimate Font Collection Bundle.

We also have tons of individual cut files that are school themed, so click here to check them out.

Bold Fat Fonts For Crafting

bold fat fonts for crafting

Sometimes we just want to craft with fonts, and there aren’t any here on Craftbundles. However, did you know we have a sister site that has tons of fonts ? For today’s font special, we have combined a list of Bold Fat Fonts that you can use for crafting purposes.


10 Bold Fat Fonts For Crafting

C A C T I  D I S P L A Y  F O N T

A funky display font by Teploleta, Cacti is a great choice for labeling, children friendly designs and so much more.

Click image to visit product
Click image to visit product


O A T M E A L  –  A  B O L D  H A N D W R I T T E N  F O N T

An interestingly named font by KA DesignsOatmeal is a bold font with an uneven height, but even baseline. Would be fun for print outs on t-shirts.

Click image to visit product



D U B B U B  M I N I  F O N T

This adorably fat font is by Denise Chandler. Best part? It’s only a dollar in price!

Click image to visit product
Click image to visit product



F A T T Y C A K E S  –  A  P L U M P  A N D  F U N  F O N T

This is the brainchild of font designer geekmissyThis cute, chubby font looks amazing on mugs, as you can see in the preview below. 😉

Click image to visit product
Click image to visit product



H I T  A N D  R U N  –  F U N  S A N S  S E R I F  F O N T

This very fat and bold font by CorgiAstronaut is lots of fun! Great for back to school crafts, kids clothing designs and even marking water tumblers with initials.

Click image to visit product



B O X E R  T Y P E F A C E

A slab bold font by giemons , Boxer is an easy to read display typeface that is perfect for labeling.

Click image to visit product
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G L U B B Y  –  F U N  D I S P L A Y  F O N T

Glubby is the fattest font on our list, and is another creation by CorgiAstronaut. Easy for cutting, this font is useful for personalizing materials.

Click image to visit product
Click image to visit product

Horizontal book mockup


C U T O U T  –  B O L D  U P P E R C A S E  F O N T

Slightly similar to the first font, Cacti, this is a bold funky uppercase font by Favete ArtLot’s of fun for vinyl cut outs on tote bags, as seen in the second picture below.

Click image to visit product
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B L O R P !  A  F U N,  W E I R D  L I T T L E  F O N T

Blorp! is another fun crazy font by geekmissy inspired by water drops into a basin filled with water. Definitely adds a splash of fun to your crafts!

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A P P L E  C I D E R  –  A  B U B B L Y  H A N D W R I T T E N  F O N T 

Cute, chubby and not uniformed. This is a bubbly font by KA Designs. This font is great for fun crafts, and mi

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That concludes our list of bold fat fonts for today! Of course, there are so much more over on TheHungryJpeg

An idea for using these fonts would be to create cut file quotes 😉 For some inspiration, check out this post on Motivational Quotes and Phrases For Your Wall, or you could use them to customise your mugs following this guest post by Audrey C.

Fonts Familes & Duos

If you have ever felt lost when it comes to knowing how to use fonts in your crafting designs, you’re not alone! Pairing two or more fonts can be a daunting task and choosing the right ones that work well together can seem impossible. You need the fonts to complement one another but not be overly similar. Easier said than done, right?! When I pair fonts together in my own designs, I sometimes try 40+ different combinations before I find the one that is just right. I also like to pair fonts made by the same designer, as often there are similar qualities and structures among each typeface a designer creates. The last technique I utilize when combining fonts duos and families.


How to use Layered Fonts

Fonts that were created for layering can achieve some very unique looks. I am obsessed with these fonts! Unfortunately, most were not specifically created with vinyl and paper crafts in mind. Layering both the outline and solid words on top of one another would be great for print and other digital works, but not for vinyl projects. The overlapping areas would not make for clean layering. For this reason, sometimes some manipulations are required in order to create a clean design that layers perfectly. But not to worry because the edits are fairly simple. Silhouette’s advanced editing capabilities allow us to take one layer and make it into a two layer piece with the proper edits.


5 Fonts for Halloween Designs

As I was growing up and into my adult years, Halloween was not a day that I was ever overly thrilled about. I hated dressing up! I loved looking at everyone else who dressed up though, so for many years on October 31, I retreated into my house (which boasted absolutely no decorations for the day), passed out candy, and admired everyone else’s costumes. This continued until I became a mom.