Fonts Familes & Duos

The Best Font Combinations

If you have ever felt lost when it comes to knowing how to use fonts in your crafting designs, you’re not alone! Pairing two or more fonts can be a daunting task and choosing the right ones that work well together can seem impossible. You need the fonts to complement one another but not be overly similar. Easier said than done, right?! When I pair fonts together in my own designs, I sometimes try 40+ different combinations before I find the one that is just right. I also like to pair fonts made by the same designer, as often there are similar qualities and structures among each typeface a designer creates. The last technique I utilize when combining fonts duos and families.


How to use Layered Fonts


Fonts that were created for layering can achieve some very unique looks. I am obsessed with these fonts! Unfortunately, most were not specifically created with vinyl and paper crafts in mind. Layering both the outline and solid words on top of one another would be great for print and other digital works, but not for vinyl projects. The overlapping areas would not make for clean layering. For this reason, sometimes some manipulations are required in order to create a clean design that layers perfectly. But not to worry because the edits are fairly simple. Silhouette’s advanced editing capabilities allow us to take one layer and make it into a two layer piece with the proper edits.


5 Fonts for Halloween Designs


As I was growing up and into my adult years, Halloween was not a day that I was ever overly thrilled about. I hated dressing up! I loved looking at everyone else who dressed up though, so for many years on October 31, I retreated into my house (which boasted absolutely no decorations for the day), passed out candy, and admired everyone else’s costumes. This continued until I became a mom.