Advice for Silhouette Beginners


I have had my Silhouette for about six years now, and I have made so many mistakes in those years that I could write a pretty lengthy novel. Back when I first started crafting with my Silhouette cutter, there weren’t many blogs with online tutorials or YouTube channels with how to videos. I struggled to come up with techniques that worked for even the most basic of things. I love that electronic cutting machines have changed the world of crafting, even forged a new path for crafters everywhere. There are so many different methods to do one thing and what works for one person may not work for another. I wish I had some of the resources available to me that are available today, including experienced veterans to teach their ways! Although I now know my Silhouette machine and software backwards and forwards, I am still learning new things.


How to use Layered Fonts


Fonts that were created for layering can achieve some very unique looks. I am obsessed with these fonts! Unfortunately, most were not specifically created with vinyl and paper crafts in mind. Layering both the outline and solid words on top of one another would be great for print and other digital works, but not for vinyl projects. The overlapping areas would not make for clean layering. For this reason, sometimes some manipulations are required in order to create a clean design that layers perfectly. But not to worry because the edits are fairly simple. Silhouette’s advanced editing capabilities allow us to take one layer and make it into a two layer piece with the proper edits.


Understanding Compound Paths in Silhouette


If you are brand new to Silhouette with no previous graphic design experience, some of the available designing capabilities can be difficult to grasp at first. I personally was already familiar with compound paths before I began working in Silhouette, but I can remember back to my first class in college where I learned about them, and it took some time for me to fully understand.