Free fall craft bundle cut files

The Free Fall Craft Bundle

By CraftBundles created by AFW Designs

What an incredible freebie we have for you all here: 10 inspirational fall quotes that capture the spirit of the season perfectly!

The following file formats are included:

  • SVG Format
  • DXF Format
  • EPS Format
  • PNG Format

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    Congrats and can’t wait to see what God has in store for your new venture!! Charlotte

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    These are amazing! Best of luck with this new page! Thank you! – Julie / Ottawa, ON, Canada <3

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    Thank you for these lovey free files

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    Thank you! Lovely designs, as usual! 🙂

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    These are great! Thank you for sharing!

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    Thank you for these beautiful and free files!

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    Thank you so much for these beautiful files! Greatly appreciated!

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    Thank you so much! They are lovely!

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  22. crabbyat34

    Thank you! I can’t wait to decorate my house with these.

  23. michellew58

    Thank you! Loving these designs

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    Thank You- Can’t wait to use each one of these files

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    thank you they are lovely

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    Awesome files! Thank you!

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    Soo pretty, thank you!

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    Love Love Love! Thanks!

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    Great looking content, and a few freebies always greatfully accepted, GOOD LUCK !

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    Thank you!

  33. theartofcreativity2

    So grateful, thanks.

  34. CElmore208

    Thank you for these wonderful files.

  35. 02dream

    Congratulations!! These look amazing and I’m already making a personal sign. Best to you and your new venture, from Dallas, TX

  36. tolebrush

    I just opened my Cricut a few days ago. Thank you for offering these free files.

  37. Robertsma

    How nice for the free deigns. I had not heard of this site until I saw the notice on Scan and Cut and Scal Group on FB.

  38. lorimclaughlin

    Beautiful designs/fonts. Thank you for allowing us to utilize your work.

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    Love them all! Thank you so much!

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    So much great stuff to play with, use up ink on, lol. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

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    Very beautiful work – thank you. This will enhance my Thanksgiving cards.

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    Thank you so much!! May i use these as commercial for a small business?

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