How to Install Fonts on your PC

There is a very big misconception among newbie crafters that fonts are opened in your program like SVG files are. This is not true! Fonts are installable items so they can be used repeatedly without any extra work (much like installing a program or app onto your computer). Installing a font is a very simple process, but if you are not familiar with the steps, just follow along below, and you will be installing fonts like a pro in no time.

To start, you need to download the font or fonts from the website it was purchased from. In this example, we will download the Flamingo font from The Hungry JPEG. We will navigate to the area of the site that holds all purchases and download links, and locate the font we would like to download, as seen below. On a side note, no, we did not pay $0.00 for this font! It was simply added to this account for the purposes of writing this guide.

To download, just locate the download link to the right-hand side of the screen and click it. A box will pop up asking you what you would like to do with the file. I do not recommend using the Open option, as this will not save a copy to your computer. Instead, always use the Save option, so make sure that circle is marked, and click Ok. Please note that because I am using Mozilla Firefox as my web browser, these steps may look slightly different for you if you are using another web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc. Also, this step may be bypassed completely, and the download placed in your computer’s Downloads folder instead of giving you an option. It is important to know your computer and understand what it does with downloads.

Next, a box will pop up asking where you would like to save your font. I always save fonts in folders arranged by place of purchase, so I have a folder for The Hungry JPEG purchased items, one for Craft Bundles items, etc. Within each of those folders are sub-folders so I can find the designs and fonts I am looking for should I ever need them. For this example, we will save the Flamingo font within the Font folder. It may also be necessary to rename the files you are saving so that the font can be easily found later. We will type the font name into the File Name box, and click Save. Now, wait patiently for the download to complete, especially if it is a large bundle of files you purchased!

After the files have finished downloading, it is necessary to unzip them in preparation for use. You can tell zipped folders apart from unzipped folders by viewing the Type column. Unzipped folders will show File Folder in this column. Zipped folders will show the word Compressed or Zipped. So, just right click on the zipped folder, and select Extract All to begin the unzipping process.

A window will pop up asking you where you would like to save the files. It will default to the same folder the zipped folder is currently saved in, so we do not need to browse our computer to locate an alternate place unless we need to move the file from the Downloads folder to a more permanent location on our computer. Click Extract to begin the process.

A status bar will show you the process. Large groups of files will of course take longer to download. It is not uncommon for large folders to take several minutes.

After the file set is unzipped, it is not necessary to keep the zipped folder any longer since the files are now in their own folder. You can delete it if you would like.

Next, open the folder just created (called Flamingo), and locate the font files that were downloaded. Font formats are typically .TTF or .OTF. If both are available, I recommend installing the .OTF, as this format allows a font designer to add additional ligatures, alternate characters, swashes, and small caps options to the font. You’ll see that the Flamingo font has both options.

There are two ways to install the .OTF font. The first is by double clicking on the font and opening the Font Viewer. This method will allow you to preview the font before installing. In the upper left-hand corner of the font previewer, click on the Install button to begin installation.

To install using the second method, all you need to do it right click on the font, and select Install. That’s it! Your fonts are installed and ready to use. You may need to close your program down and reopen.