Silhouette Help & FAQ

Instruction for PC

After you download your purchase from the Craft Bundles website, the first thing you will need to do is unzip your files for use. Zipped folders look like a folder with a little zipper on it. When you hover your cursor over it, you will also see the words “Compressed (zipped) folder.”

The unzipping process takes just a few seconds. Simply right click on the zip folder, and look for the “Extract All” option. This will unzip (or extract) your files and decompress them for use.

To complete the process, your computer will ask you where you want to extract the files to. You can browse to find a new location, but I recommend keeping them in the same folder they are currently saved in, so that once the process is completed, you can verify quickly and easily that no errors were made during the process. When you are ready, click Extract.

The actual unzipping process may take some time if the download was a large folder of files, or it will be completed within seconds if just a few small files were being unzipped. Be patient for large downloads! Once completed, you will have a folder of files ready for use, as well as the files still in their zipped form. You will see in the below photo that you will be left with two folders, one will be zipped and one will be unzipped.

It is up to you if you would like to keep both folders, but the zipped folder can be deleted, as you no longer have a need for it. Should you need to zip the folder again in the future (perhaps because you want to save some space on your thumb drive, etc), you can just zip it again to compress it. I personally always delete the zip folder to save space.

And that’s it. Your files are now ready to use.

Instruction for Mac