The Organization Guide

How we file our bundles

After you download your purchase from the Craft Bundles website, you will find 2 or 3 folders that hold all of your files. These folders will be named Documentation, Fonts, and Cut Files. If the bundle is comprised solely of Cut Files and no fonts, then of course there would be no folder for fonts and vice versa for Cut Files. There will always be a folder for documentation.

If you click the Documentation folder, you will see several PDF files, as well as a preview image for the bundle. Within these pdf files you will find important guides, FAQs, and tutorials that pertain to the bundle you purchased. It is highly recommended that you take a look at these files! There will be lots of useful information, and perhaps even some tips you did not know. You will also find your Commercial Use License here. It is very important that if you will be selling anything using any Craft Bundles product, that you familiarize yourself with the terms of use available in that PDF file.

Clicking on the Fonts folder, you will find 2 sub-folders called All Fonts and Quick Install. Remember, if the bundle did not include Fonts, this folder will not be available to you in your download.

Taking a look through the All Fonts folder, you will find more sub-folders that include each and every font you purchased. Each folder will hold ALL of the files for each font, including any extra or bonus graphics that some font designers include, as well as a preview image for each font.

Now let’s go back and take a look into the Quick Install folder. This will become your favorite folder when you purchase fonts from us, as the folder was created to do exactly what it says…install the fonts quickly!

You can see in the above photo that this particular bundle includes 12 fonts. Typically, to install a font, you would need to double click on the font file to open up the Font Viewer, and then click install (or simply right click and select Install if you want to bypass the Font Viewer). You would repeat this for all 12 fonts. That can get tedious, especially if you purchase a bundle of 50+ fonts. But the quick install folder makes this task a piece of cake. All you would need to do is select each font using Control plus ‘A’ as a keyboard shortcut on a PC (Command plus ‘A’ on a MAC), right click, and select Install. That’s it! All 12 fonts will now be installed onto your computer with just a couple of clicks.

Now let’s go back to that Cut File folder and take a look inside. There will be two sub-folders called All Graphics and Compiled Graphics.

Within the All Graphics folder, you will find all of the designs and design sets available for the bundle, each within their own folder. In this example, there are 55 sub-folders.

If you take a look inside one of those 55 folders, you will find lots of files! There will be SVG, DXF, and EPS cut files, along with a photo file (PNG, JPG, or PDF). In this case, the designer included a PNG file. There will also be a preview image of the design or designs so you don’t need to open up a file to see the design.

Now we will go back and take a look at the Compiled Graphics folder. Within it will be two folders, one called DXF and one called SVG.

Taking a look inside the DXF folder, you will find ALL of the DXF files available for your purchase compiled for you into one folder. For this particular bundle, there are 307 DXF files! These two Compiled Graphics folders were created based on feedback we received from you. If you utilize Silhouette’s bulk import feature with your crafting, these two folders will become your best friends. Importing all 307 files will be a breeze!

If you have a suggestion you feel would help make our downloads easier for you, please let us know!