DIY Valentine’s Day Cake Toppers with Silhouette CAMEO 3


Valentine’s day is almost here, and you probably already have your extravagant, romantic dinner planned out. But, there’s something missing. How do you make this night special and unlike any other? Perhaps adding some fine details to your sweet endings could do the job. And we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re making Valentine’s Day Inspired Cake Toppers! We picked out some lovey-dovey designs to add to the love that’s already brewing in the air, so if that’s the missing piece in your puzzle, you can’t afford to miss this tutorial!

What we’ll need :

  • 3 Colored Papers
    Any 3 different colors of your choice. Use textured paper if you like. In this tutorial we use two regular colored papers (pink & cream) and 1 glitter paper (red).
  • An Electronic Cutting Machine
    Silhoutte Cameo, Cricut or Scan ‘n’ Cut are some of the cutting machines you can use. We’ll be using Silhoutte Cameo 3 for this tutorial.
  • Weeding Tool
  • Transference Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • SuperGlue
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Some cake!
    What are cake toppers without cake?! Get some cake from the store or bake your own! :) 
  • And lovely SVG cuttable designs
    We got our designs from The January Craft Bundle. You can find a bunch of lovely SVG cut files and crafty fonts in there!

For this project we decided to use these two designs from Brandi Lea Designs included in the January Craft Bundle:

1. Preview Image1. Preview Image

This is what we want our cake toppers to look like.

Valentines Day SVG cutfiles


But…what’s Offset?
The ‘Offset’ feature that makes an additional outline to any of your designs.

Why Offset?

You can do wonders enhancing a design just by creating an offset! It can be used to make a design ‘pop-out’ or or add kind of a ‘3D effect to it’, depending on how you mix and match your colors and how much offset you apply. It’s also a great way to add ‘shadow’ to fonts when putting texts against busy backgrounds.

In this tutorial, we used Silhouette Studio to offset the designs.

First, let’s click on the star to bring up the Offset panel.

XOXO SVG cutting file

Click Offset

Valentines Day SVG Cutting File

Looks good! (you can fine-tune the amount of offset you want under “Distance”). Go ahead and click Apply.


Since we’re using three layers in this cake topper, we’ll offset once more. We’ll move the top layer aside for now and offset just the bottom layer.

Select the letters and click Offset.


Notice how there’s an overlap between the layers? Since we want each letter to be separate, let’s move the letters further apart from each other. Click Cancel.


Click and drag (or use the arrow keys) to move the letters further apart.


Let’s try the offset again. Looks good now. Click Apply.


And now, we have the three layers needed!


Do the same for the Hugs & Kisses file. This time, since we want the whole phrase to be a single piece, we don’t need to separate the letters .


Create an offset for the bottom layer too.


And you’re ready to send the layers to cut!

Watch how we made these adorable cake toppers….

We hope this tutorial inspired you to make your very own DIY cake toppers this Valentine’s Day. Especially if you’re getting some desserts to share with your significant other, these toppers are perfect to add to store desserts to personalize the gift, or a cake you’ve baked yourself for a romantic Valentine’s gift made entirely by you.