Any item or product purchased through comes with our Complete License Agreement. Please find a detailed explanation of the license attached below.

Whats Allowed?

  1. Items purchased from may be used for both Personal and Commercial Use
  2. Purchased products may be used on up to 10 projects or products for both Personal
    and Commercial use. (A project/product is defined by the design, rather than the products it has been printed on.

    Example: Using a “Home is Where the Heart is” quote surrounded by graphics from our website and printing it on 5 different physical goods (Mugs, Notebooks, T-Shirts etc) is defined as one product, and one design, and NOT 5.

  3. There is no limitation to print run size or the amount of units you can sell.
  4. Purchased items may be printed on to physical products and sold without alteration.

Whats Not Allowed?

  1. Items purchased from cannot be sub-licensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on their own (even for free)
  2. Purchased files cannot be traced, scanned, copied, altered or similar and then re-sold as a digital download

    Example: Purchasing a quote surrounded by floral graphics, then altering the graphics slightly and reselling the product digitally as your own work

  3. Items cannot be included (even for free) in the sale of another item

    Example: Using a graphic to create a logo template which you subsequently sell on digital marketplaces, and including the graphic. This is strictly not allowed

  4. Products purchased on cannot be converted into embroidery based files and sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attached below are the most frequently asked questions relating to our licensing terms

I want to print your Graphics & Cut Files on to Physical Products which I will sell. Is this allowed?

Yes, graphics, cut files, patterns or any other product sold through can be printed on to physical products and sold, without any product alteration.

Can I use graphics purchased through for clients work?

Yes absolutely

Do I need to credit the designer when I use products purchased from

There is no credit required. But a link to is always welcome

Do Free products found on come with a Commercial License?

Yes, all freebies offered on come with a commercial license. With the same terms as any paid product.

If you have any further questions regarding our license agreement, please email us direct on