10 Patriotic Fourth of July Cut Files

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Are you all ready for the Fourth of July parties? Or have you been way too busy to even start preparing for the celebrations?

No matter what, we have got your back for last minute preparations for this joyous celebration. This list of Fourth of July themed SVG Cut files are suitable for anything you would like to craft, be it a few days or an hour before your parties.

10 Fourth of July SVG Cut Files


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Well, obviously we’re celebrating America’s birthday on this fourth of July, hellooooo. Get this super cute cake SVG cut file by clicking on the image. We feel that this would look super cute on a mason jar or mug as you celebrate throughout the day with drinks.

hpybdy on mason jar
2. Uncle Sam’s Hat

uncle sam hat
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For good measure, here is an SVG of Uncle Sam’s hat. If you want to carry the spirit of Uncle Sam on this Fourth of July, this top hat is just for you! Customize your shirt however you like with iron-ons of this top hat. Unless you want just one. :)

uncle sam hat on shirt
3. Happy Independence Day

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Perfect design for a t-shirt to wear on the Fourth of July. Why buy a mass produced t-shirts when you can customize one each for the whole family ? Your friends will be jealous, and the design looks like it came from a branded store 😱

Happy independence day shirt
4. Proud To Be American 

proud to be american
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Why not show your pride on your sleeve this Fourth of July? Or, in this case on your chest. Let everyone know you are a proud American!

untitled (1)
5. Firecrackers

Firecrackers SVG
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If you love watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July, get this firecracker cut file. Use it to customise your top, your bag, your shoes, and so much more. Here is an example of what you can do with it. By placing it on your mason jar, you will definitely have an explosively awesome night 😀

untitled (2)
6. I’m  Free Because Of The Brave 

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Wear your pride on your shirt this Fourth of July and remember those who were brave to fight for the freedom of the country! Celebrate it with this cut file 😀


untitled (24)
7. I Love America

I love america SVG
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Here’s another SVG to show your pride for your country. Take it up a notch with this ‘I LOVE America’ cut file.

untitled (4)
8. Flag of USA

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Or you’d prefer this simple SVG cut file. The flag of America ! This super cute flag is great for all Fourth of July crafts. Go forth and craft! For a themed party, just print it on sticker paper for an easy decor, and stick it wherever suits your fancy 😉

untitled (5)
9. Proud To Be An American (Statue of Liberty)


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This cut file of the Statue of Liberty in between the words give off an expensive vibe. It looks good, stretched on a shirt, or you can even have it on one corner of the bust area.  Feel free to experiment !

untitled (7) untitled (6)
10.  The Bald Eagle 

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The Bald Eagle is America’s national bird, and when better to rock this cut file than the Fourth of July? Combine it with another one of the cut files and make a cool statement shirt. Or you could even print it on a white sheet of cloth and wear it as a cape.

untitled (8)


Just for a treat, here’s a Free Independence Day SVG cut file for you crafters :) Share with us your creations by tagging us on your posts on social media!



Click if You’d Love To See More Patriotic Fourth of July Cut Files

Must Have: The Magical Craft Bundle

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Have you got your hands on the Magical Craft Bundle yet?

It’s at a huge discount of only $19 for over 110 SVG cut files, definitely a steal! But if you’re still wondering whether you should get it, stay till the end of this post and you’ll definitely have your answer.  You won’t want to miss it 😉

Here’s why you should get the Magical Craft Bundle

It’s got super cute unicorn cut files like these;

untitled (9)
But if these aren’t good enough..

Then how about these extremely adorable ones?

untitled (10)
Can you already picture using these adorable unicorn themed cut files? No?

Then how about this one;

Magical Unicake preview 01

Have these got your creative thoughts flowing?

In continuation with the cute little characters included in this bundle, we have three sets of adorable baby sloths included.

untitled (11)
All elements in these little sloth sets come separately, so you can place them however you like.

Anyone will love these cuties 😉




Here's a little craft inspiration
Here’s a little craft inspiration

Besides these lazy sloths, you will also find a variety of other cute character SVG cut files in the Magical Craft Bundle.

untitled (13)


The Kawaii Woodland Animals look great on baby onesies
The Kawaii Woodland Animals look great on baby clothes.

untitled (15)

There is also a selection of SVG files specifically for boys in this bundle, like the ones above. Or even these ‘scary’ looking sharks;

Menacing sharks for your tough cookie ;)
Menacing sharks for your tough cookie 😉 (Psst there is another whole set of sharks in the bundle itself!)

If that doesn’t sell it for you, then perhaps these Avocados will do.

untitled (16)
How adorable are these? 

Printing these ado-vacados  on a kitchen towel would just light up your day. Something about avocados just make it all better.

Unless mermaids are your call. With the name Magical Craft Bundle, you can’t expect us to miss out on the mermaids right?

untitled (17)

And they even come with quotes! Don’t worry, no one is too old to be a mermaid 😉

  Iwannabeaunicorn preview 01

Unless you prefer being a Unicorn 😉

But if you’re looking for more fun quotes, there are lots of them in this bundle. Take for instance these ones below !

untitled (18)

For more information of the products in the bundle;

Click here to access The Magical Craft Bundle 

Summer SVG Files For Beach Totes

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It’s here! The season for carrying cute beach totes is approaching. You definitely can’t make it through summer without carrying one. It holds everything you need from sunscreen, to bug repellent and a book for beach trips. Although there are lots of beach totes that would be out on sale, we sometimes prefer to have a personalised tote with our own style. Perhaps, we could even save on the cost when making our own.

Here are some Summer inspired cut files to design your beach tote with!

These can be cut onto whatever coloured vinyl or material you prefer, so don’t worry about the colours here :) 

Summer SVG Files For Beach Totes

1. Beauty and The Beach

beauty and the beach
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untitled (4)
 What is the beach without beauties like you? 😉  This could be your statement beach tote for the upcoming summer season, so get it now !

2. ALOHA Summer

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What’s a summer without tons of watermelon. Watermelon juice, watermelon ice cream, and…… a watermelon tote. Why not?

3. Coconut on Holiday

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Another treat we definitely can’t miss out in the coming sunny days. Hydration is important, and coconuts are the way to go! This super cute coconut SVG has a tiny umbrella on it.

4. Life is Better in Flip Flops

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 But of course, the ‘traditional’ footwear for summer is flip flops 😀 Definitely our tagline for the upcoming summer. Life is so much better in flip flops.

5. Beach Life 

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 This cute float SVG file is the perfect depiction of what our life will be like this summer season. Day in, day out, the beach life it shall be!

6. Beach Girl 

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 If you loved the previous SVG’s, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this one. Make one for all the girls in your life! They’d be so thankful for this cute tote.

7. I Need Vitamin Sea 

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The wordplay in this little phrase is so much fun. We need vitamin ‘sea‘ which is why we’re planning to head to the beach right this very moment. Your tote will definitely be an attention grabber with this printed on it.

8. Ice creams and Popsicles 

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Click image to view product
Click image to view product


Combine these two SVG files if you like, or arrange them in any other way you’d like to. Summer season is all about the heat, and to beat the heat you need icy-pops and ice cream. Stay cool with these two on your tote.


Spot any SVG files you love? We hope this post has given you some ideas on how you would like to personalise your tote bags for the summer. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and let your creativity flow !

To start you off, here’s a free SVG file for the summer;

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Click image to download


Check out our site for more bargains ! 

10 Father’s Day SVG Files For $1

untitled (7)

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday and it is time to celebrate the father figures in our lives. What have you got planned for this upcoming special day? Have you already made plans to take your dad out for dinner, or have you already got a gift for him?


Well, worry not cause we at Craftbundles have got your back!

Here are some SVG files made specifically for Father’s Day at only $1 each. These are perfect for personalizing a tailor-made gift for any father figure in your life. After all, the best gifts are handmade 😉

Psst! Stay till the end of the post for a little inspiration 


10 Father’s Day SVG Files for $1

1. World’s Greatest Dad

world's greatest dad
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Want to shout it out at the top of your lungs about how your dad is the greatest ? Then this is perfect for you.


2. Super Dad

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Click image to view product

Let him know that he’s your one and only superhero, SuperDad!


3. My Dad’s Totally Rad

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Click image to view product

Or maybe your dad is just the ‘coolest’ person ever, and you want to show him off. This would look great on a personalized baby onesie or shirt.


4. Awesome Dad

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Click image to view product

Dad, you’re just plain awesome. Lay it out there for him, and let him know!


5. King Of The House

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Click image to view product

Worship him, especially on his special day. Treat him like a king!


6. Thanks Dad 

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Click image to view product

Got a dad that’s amazing at fixing everything? This SVG with little tool icons on it is perfect to thank him for every single time he fixed something for you.


7. Happy Father’s Day Mug With Glasses and Moustache

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Click image to view product

Does this cute little graphic remind you of your dad? With the moustache and glasses, it seems to remind us of our dad as well.


8. Rockin’ The Dad Life 

Click image to view product
Click image to view product

Want to let your dad know that he’s actually doing a really good job? This SVG is the perfect thing.


9. Ain’t No Dad Like The One I Got 

Click image to view product
Click image to view product

Probably the best thing for a dad to hear, this would immediately put a smile on his face.


10. Daddy To Be

Click image to view product
Click image to view product

This is for any of the Daddy-to-be’s you happen to know. Best to prep them early, for their future ahead as a dad. Throw them a soon-to-be dad party!

Here’s the little inspiration for a gift;

untitled (6)

A personalized mug will never go wrong, and he will definitely use it for coffee or for anything, anytime of the day.

So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these SVG files and start crafting, or head on over here for more files like these.

For a treat, here’s a FREEBIE for Father’s Day!



How To Customize Drinkware (Tutorial)

untitled (4)

A tutorial by Sheryl H, from Diyxe.

One of my absolute favorite things to do with my Cricut is to customize drinkware, I even have the overflowing cupboards to prove it! There are just so many fun ideas, what’s a girl to do!

Let’s Begin!

Supply List

  • Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • Weeding Tool
  • Scraper Tool
  • Transfer Tape
  • Vinyl

customised drinkware 2

Step By Step Process

Step 1: Find Your Design

Head over to craftbundles.com and snag their Magical Bundle. CraftBundles offer amazing design bundles at super affordable prices, and covers commercial licensing! This license allows you to use their designs for yourself, all your friends and to sell! For this tutorial, I used the “together is a wonderful place to be” file as it’s the perfect design for summer drinkware!


Step 2: Load your Image into Design Space.

Once you have chosen a design, download the bundle, unzip the file and import the SVG into Cricut design space. I recommend selecting all pieces that are the same color and clicking the weld or attach button in the bottom right corner. This method uses a little more vinyl, but I find it much easier to get the image lined up and straight when doing this.


Step 3: Cut out the design

Make sure your Cricut is set to vinyl, load your vinyl and cut! For this tutorial I used Oracle 651 “Pink” and Styletech Glitter “Rosy”

Step 4:  Weed out the unwanted parts.

After your vinyl is cut, use your weeding tool and remove any parts of the vinyl that are not part of the final design.

customised drinkware 3

Step 5: Transfer Tape

Starting with the pink design, cover it with transfer tape and press down firmly with your scrapper tool.  Flip your design over and carefully peel of the backing of the vinyl, exposing the adhesive side of your vinyl.

Take the piece of transfer tape with the pink design on it and repeat the step over the rosy design. Be careful when lining up the design so that everything is straight when you put it on the tumbler.


Step 6: Placing your Design

Place your design right side up onto your tumbler and use your scrapper or fingers to rub the vinyl on. Carefully peel the transfer tape off, leaving the vinyl on the tumbler.

After removing the transfer tape, press down on the vinyl to make sure all the vinyl is secured.Let vinyl cure 48 hours before getting wet.

customised drinkware 1

So there you have it, customized drinkware in a few easy steps!

Don’t forget to head over to Craft Bundles and check out their awesome designs!

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About the author

Chiropractor by day and a DIY-er by night.  I have a passion for building and creating. I believe every handmade item has a story to tell. There is no better feeling than seeing an idea you dreamed up come to life. Through my items and tutorials I hope to share this passion with others. My quirky style will insure your home is full of products as unique as you!

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Using The May Craft Bundle to Enhance Your Images

Every month we at Craftbundles launch a new bundle, which is filled with lots of amazing goodies at a greatly discounted rate. For our May bundle, we released The May Craft Bundle with lots of SVG cut files in it.  Perfect for all the crafting, eh?


What if we said that there was more to the bundle itself, and that you could use it for other purposes like to enhance your images? After all this bundle is filled with other crafting files like fonts and graphics.

Here are some images we enhanced, using The May Craft Bundle;


1. This Skyscraper View 

Edits for image using font

Click to view original image

This was created using the Altoys font in the bundle. The only other things needed were an image, and a white rectangle with an adjusted opacity. This lead to this simple yet eye-catching enhanced image.


2. This Breakfast With A Quote 

mellony script

Click to view original image
Click to view original image

This flat lay photo seemed to be lacking something at first, but after typing out a quote with the Mellony font from the bundle it seemed to fill in the empty space on the image. The specific Mellony font used in this photo is the ‘dry brush’ version, but the bundle also includes a ‘smooth, normal’ version.


3. This Instagram Image With A Quote

THorny font

Click to view original image
Click to view original image

This square image of a desert-like road with a blue streak is interesting, but is also a perfect background for inspiring quotes like this one. The font Thorny from the bundle was used for the inspiring quote on the image.  The only other thing that was added was the black rectangle with a lower opacity level, and the contrast of the image was slightly increased. This resulted in a perfect image for inspiring others on Instagram.


4. This Homemade Marmalade 

JAM WREATH pink lilies watercolour

Click to view original image
Click to view original image


This image of mum’s homemade marmalade was a bit too boring on it’s own, and so using the frame available from the Pink Lilies Watercolor graphic in the bundle, we created this framed image of mum’s homemade marmalade. With the frame, it brings out the marmalade more, making it look attractive.


5. This Bouquet of Baby Breaths 

gingerbread and cookies font

Click to view original image
Click to view original image

As dainty as these Baby’s Breath flowers in the bouquet, the font Gingerbread Cookie in the bundle fit perfectly with the image. The special thing about this font is that it comes as two, Gingerbread and Cookie, whilst Gingerbread is the upright font, the latter is the more cursive, lazy one. These fonts are perfect to be used over images as they don’t overpower it. For the image, its opacity was toned down a notch and a translucent rectangle was placed over it to support the font.



There are still lots of fonts, graphics and a huge variety of cut files that you can explore in The May Craft Bundle.

Feel free to experiment and share it with us ! We’d love to see what you get up to with the bundles.

The May Craft Bundle will be expiring in about a week, so make sure you grab it whilst you can;


Check out the new Magical Craft Bundle as well !