Fix ‘file not supported’ error in Silhouette

File not supported error in Silhouette


  1. twilk1969

    I have business edition n it’s still showing this message. I am still activated too. I’ve got 1000’s of designs downloaded, from design bundles, etc., I can’t seem to get over to my Cameo. PLEASE HELP!?

  2. mamakja

    Help please!
    I have Designer Edition and it will not open one svg file (it will open others). I have tried to re-download the file, but that hasn’t worked. Do you have any ideas? I just keep getting the pop up that says, “The file type you are attempting to access is not supported.”
    Thank you so much!


      Jen, Did you ever resolve your issue with the one svg file not importing? I am dealing with the same issue right now!

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